Video Content for Extended Care Facilities (ECF)

The first video on this page is a brief overview of this content offering. Three categories of video music entertainment and music therapy information are provided so ECFs can offer music entertainment and Music Therapy videos to their residents and patients. With visitors and services being restricted in many health care facilities, this content was requested of David Putano, a Toledo, OH music therapist. David has 25+ years of clinical music therapy work, ECF entertainment as well as music therapy education for professionals and families.

Each category has a short explanation video as well as a very short clip of an actual video offering in that category.

1) Music Entertainment Sets

Intro to Music Entertainment Sets
Music Entertainment Sets – An Example Video

Available Titles:
1940s & 1950s Hits
1960s & 1970s Country Hits
Church Hymns and More

Titles Coming Soon:

  • Famous broadway hits
  • Country & Western hits, etc…
  • Christmas & Holiday hits
  • Christmas Carols, etc…
  • Irish favorites
  • Famous love songs
  • Beloved patriotic songs
  • MoTown favorites, etc… and many other music collection videos

2) Music Biographies & More

Intro to Music Biographies & More
Music Bios and More – An Example Video

Available Titles:
The Life and Music of Irving Berlin
The Music and History of American Folk Music

Titles Coming Soon:

  • Frank Sinatra, his life and music
  • Famous Church hymns, stories behind the songs
  • Famous Christmas & holiday music, stories behind the songs
  • The Sound of Music, stories behind the songs
  • Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Sr, country legends
  • The life & music of The Beatles, etc… and many other music collection videos

3) Music for Health & Wellness

Intro to Music for Health & Wellness
Music for Health & Wellness – An Example Video

Available Titles:
Why Music? (Part 1)
Why Music? (Part 2)

Titles Coming Soon :

  • “Hey families, give your loved one a musical massage…”
  • Music therapy research: boosting our immune system
  • Music therapy research: pain management
  • Music therapy research: sleep & relaxation
  • Music therapy research: optimizing the effects of medications, etc…
  • Stress: music & sound in our environment, etc… and other music tx videos

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